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The Electoral College

The existence and duties of the presidential electors and the electoral college are so little known today that most American voters believe that they are voting directly for a president and vice president on election day. The electors may be well-known people, such as...

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Doing a Mitzvah for Those in Need

On Sunday, June 4, from 1 to 3 p.m. we’ll be planting crops and grooming the fruit trees at one of America’s Grow-a-Row (AGAR) locations. This is our third year working with America's Grow-a-Row, a non-profit organization that grows, gleans, and gives free fresh...

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Personal Giving Campaign Off and Running

Our 2017 Personal Giving Campaign in underway. We will treat all those who participate to a brunch on April 30 at a private home in Denville with guest speaker Maya Ross. Maya, a fiction writer, has written a book, titled Abe vs. Adolph, about the compelling struggle...

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