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Gun Violence

I missed the March for Our Lives in DC, primarily because I was on a plane to Mexico, but I did read about it, saw the best of the signs, and “kvelled” with pride at the students, as if they were my own family. What those young people have achieved in a short time is...

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Sexual Assault: It’s Not Just a “Women’s Issue”

Sexual assault and harassment allegations by courageous women accusing Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly, followed by the #MeToo campaign, have made America aware of the prevalence of sexual violence in our society. The #Metoo campaign, in particular, prompted an...

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Literary Lights: Join Our Book Club!

Looking to share your love of books and reading with other like-minded women? Join our wonderful monthly Book Club! You’ve probably noticed the upcoming books being read by the Book Club, headed by Sharon Feigin. The list appears on the back page of each copy of the...

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