At NCJW, West Morris Personal Giving Thank-You Brunch:

Guest Speaker Author of Amazing Holocaust Tale of Survival

Abe Peck is the only living Holocaust survivor of an entire town in Poland. He is the only person left in this world who can provide a firsthand account of the atrocities committed by the Nazis against his family, friends and contemporaries. Maya Ross, the author of “Abe-vs-Adolf: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Abe Peck,” will recount his astonishing story of survival at the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), West Morris Section’s Personal Giving Thank-You Brunch on Sunday, April 30, beginning at 10 a.m., at a private home in Denville.

The event is open to everyone who makes a donation to the Personal Giving campaign. Donations may be made by contacting Dorothy Cohen at Personal Giving is coordinated by Dorothy Cohen of Denville and Anne Gorman of Rockaway.

Abe vs. Adolf

Abe vs. Adolf

Before Nazi Germany targeted European Jews for persecution and then ultimately annihilation in its insidious plan called the Final Solution of the Jewish Question, Abe Peck had a wonderful childhood. But in March 1940, at only 15 years old, Abe was snatched from his home and family and forced to spend the next five unimaginably horrific years as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps. Robbed of his teenage years, with no parents to guide or care for him, Abe somehow survived starvation, disease, beatings, shootings, forced labor, death marches and prolonged imprisonment.

If you ask him how he did it—how he defied death by beating the most abysmal of odds—he will simply tell you that he was lucky. But was it luck, or was it an indomitable will to live? Whatever the reason, we, as a society, are extremely fortunate that a man like Abe Peck survived to tell his story of growing up in an increasingly sinister society, fraught with hatred, ignorance, and intolerance.

Abe almost died before reaching adulthood because evil was allowed to flourish unchecked. By detailing his firsthand experience of the horrors of discrimination and genocide, through Maya Ross’s book, he fervently hopes that subsequent generations will learn from the past and vow, “Never again.”

Maya Ross is a fiction writer who met Holocaust survivor Abe Peck while serving on the board of a not-for-profit philanthropic organization. She was so fascinated by his tale of courage and survival that she set out to write his true life story. Delving into Abe’s heart-wrenching saga of tragedy and loss took her far outside her comfort zone, into a sinister world of unfathomable evil far scarier than any she could have imagined. Her talk at the Personal Giving Thank-you Brunch promises to be eminently memorable.

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