For 18 years, our “What Prejudice Means to Me” Contest was a signature project of our Section. Changing demands on students and teachers in Morris County reduced the annual participation of sixth-grade students from 2,000 to 700, and we decided to take a break from the program. Unfortunately, the climate of hate and fear unleashed by our presidential election process has made it crucial for us to find effective ways to fight hate and encourage respect among communities.

The time has come for us to create a new version of our program to help teach tolerance among middle school students. We are contemplating a public exhibit of artwork and poetry, with a reception to honor the participants. Entrants could submit their work through their schools or independently, opening it up to students whose schools don’t enroll in the project. It would be up to the committee to use or modify this possible format.

Peppi Glass has graciously stepped up to be a co-chair of the program, but she needs one or two co-chairs to undertake this work. If you are interested in helping as either a co-chair or a committee member, please contact Susan Neigher at