With so much misinformation floating around the internet, the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking has been hard at work making sure that the public has accurate information about what is happening here in New Jersey and around the world.

The Coalition has grown tremendously since members of our Section started a study group about human trafficking in 2010. It is now mandated that human trafficking be part of the K–12 public school curriculum. Health-care organizations must train their employees. The Coalition has established a fund for emergency assistance for survivors.

On January 11, our new class of college interns will present a virtual program. On January 13, there will be a program about the intersection of human trafficking and substance abuse. On January 28, there will be a program about vulnerable populations. All events are free. Watch your email for more information. You can also go to www.njhumantrafficking.org.

The website address will be changing on January 4 (you will be redirected when you go there) , thanks to your help. So many of our Section members voted diligently every day for six weeks to help us win a rebranding package. The big reveal of our new logo, messaging, and website represents a shift in our work. We are focusing on helping children to grow up strong and not vulnerable to traffickers luring them into their grasp. We are working on helping to identify at-risk people and victims, and helping survivors to grow and flourish.

Our Back 2 School Store is the perfect example. By giving vulnerable children new school clothes, they can start the school year more confident and less vulnerable to teasing and bullying. All of our work in NCJW helps children and families live safer lives.

Susan Neigher