Sheetal Bangalore, an 11th grader at Morristown High School, will present a fascinating free talk on the Romani people and their culture, at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 16, at Morristown Jewish Center–Beit Yisrael, 177 Speedwell Ave., in Morristown. The event is co-sponsored by our Section and MJCBY. 

Beginning with the Romani people’s exodus from India to the European continent, Sheetal will spotlight the effect of the migration on the Romani language, their food habits, religious practices, music and traditions. The talk will also delve into the stereotyping and persecution endured by the Romani people over the centuries. Audience members will then engage in a discussion about the similarities in culture and history between the Jewish and the Romani people.

After watching a moving documentary about the Romani people (popularly known as “Gypsies”) a few years ago, Sheetal became immensely interested in their rich culture, fascinating language and difficult history. Since then she has done research into this ethnic minority, and is now on a campaign to share her knowledge and insights.