Rabbi Shalom Lubin

Rabbi Shalom Lubin

In Jewish tradition, it is often challenging to understand the reasoning behind certain rituals, beliefs and practices, and what their relevance is today. An insightful and engaging series, titled “Jewish Rituals, Beliefs and Bubba Maysehs in the 21st Century,” will be presented and facilitated via Zoom by Rabbi Shalom Lubin on Thursdays, Oct. 7, 14 and 21 at 1 p.m. This program is part of Our Jewish World, coordinated by Ilene Dorf Manahan and Melanie Levitan.

Participants will explore the origins and meanings of many of these topics, including:

  • Heaven and hell
  • Do Jews believe in angels?
  • Mixing meat and milk
  • Tattoos in Jewish cemeteries
  • Naming after living relatives
  • Keinahorahs, and much more!

Ample time will be provided for discussion.

Have you had questions about rituals, beliefs and practices that have vexed you all these years? For answers, bring them with you to Rabbi Lubin’s series, or submit them in advance to Ilene Dorf Manahan, iadpr@aol.com.

Preregistration is required for the series. To preregister, email Ilene at iadpr@aol.com