The Frisco Kid

The Frisco Kid

We hosted a dinner and a showing of the late Gene Wilder’s terrific movie The Frisco Kid, on Saturday, December 10, beginning at 6 p.m., at a private home in Morris Plains.

We schmoozed, ate dinner (everyone who came brought something to eat–a salad, a main course, side dishes, dessert–kosher/dairy or pareve), and then watched the movie.

Here’s a synopsis of this wonderful comedy:

Rabbi Avram Belinsky (Gene Wilder) lands in Philadelphia intending to travel to San Francisco, where he plans to start a synagogue. Quickly relieved of his belongings by a group of con artists, Avram optimistically sets out alone on foot toward the Wild West. He gets into one scrape after another until he is rescued, in a way, by a compassionate horseman named Tommy Lillard (Harrison Ford). Unfortunately, Tommy may not be quite as heroic as he seems, and it is still a long way to California.

There was no charge for this NCJW, West Morris membership event, and spouses and significant others were welcome and encouraged to come.