Volunteer Opportunities

NCJW, West Morris Section reaches out to all members of the local community with innovative programs that provide food to the hungry, education, awareness and support.


The West Morris Section of the National Council of Jewish Women is proud of our annual “WHAT PREJUDICE MEANS TO ME” contest, which is open to all sixth-grade students attending schools in Morris County, New Jersey.

The purpose of the contest is to complement the sixth-grade curriculum and encourage students and teachers to have discussions about the many forms that prejudice takes in our society. It is our hope that by recognizing differences and exploring their personal experiences, students will begin to understand that compassion and tolerance are essential in our society today.

Volunteers are needed as to arrange for contest judges, and to help organize the annual Awards Ceremony for contest winners.


Alleviating Hunger in Our Midst

Our section regularily collects non-perishable groceries for delivery to the Interfaith and Kosher food pantries in the community, enabling families who need emergency supplies to prepare home-cooked meals during lean periods.

 Marrow Donor Drives

These drives are conducted to help find genetically compatible, living marrow donors for those suffering from life-threatening blood diseases, like leukemia.

Contact us for further information.

Feelie Hearts for Grieving Children

Through intergenerational sewing circles, and at home, we make small, soft, stuffed fleece hearts, called “Feelie Hearts,” for grieving children both in the United States and in Israel. More than 2,000 of these hearts have been sent out since 9/11, and they bring comfort to little ones who carry them to school and keep them under the pillow at night. This project has also inspired other organizations, both within the NCJW family and further afield, to sew these hearts and give them away with heartfelt good wishes.

Community Beautification Projects

Our section has worked to restore local and national parks, historic landmarks and other properties in Morris County. Our volunteers have spent countless hours painting and repairing fences, clearing brush, planting, weeding and working on other beautification projects.