Sharon Feigin, a longtime jewelry designer and a life member of our Section, will give a fascinating talk on “How to Design a Piece of Jewelry” for our Personal Giving Thank-You Brunch on Sunday, June 2, at 10 a.m., at a private home in Denville.

Our Personal Giving Campaign is coordinated by co-chairs Dorothy Cohen and Anne Gorman. Anyone who makes a donation to the Section will be welcome to attend.

Sharon will bring the essential tools to cut out a piece of silver to make a small pendant or belt buckle. She notes that “The people attending could design a piece of jewelry on paper.”

In speaking of her artistic journey, Sharon points out, “My life as a silversmith began with learning to look as a child. I loved creating three-dimensional art from folded, tied, and fluffed-out tissues. In high school, I had four years of art, which included pottery, painting, and jewelry design.

“As an adult, I learned to carve stone into sculptural forms, then began designing and producing silver jewelry with semi-precious stones. Now, I throw clay pots on the wheel to produce useful tableware.”

For further information or to make a donation to our Personal Giving Campaign, email Dorothy Cohen (