From Homeless Solutions: Our families were really feeling the financial pressure of getting their children ready to go back to school, so to not have to worry about purchasing new clothing and toiletries (which were delivered separately to HSI) really meant the world to them. 

The families were SO appreciative of the help. Our guests could not say enough kind words about all of the volunteers and how kind and accommodating everyone was. The kids talked about it all day after they left your “store.” Your group went above and beyond in making kids feel welcome, special, and BEAUTIFUL in the clothes they were trying on. The cheers as the kids exited the changing rooms meant so much to them. That touched our hearts so much!

It was a great idea to have some of the Girl Scouts shopping with the older shoppers. Affirmations from their peers/older scouts can carry a lot of weight, and it’s nice to feel as if you’re shopping with a fellow classmate.

We have to commend the shopping efforts. You all captured the essence of our children so well. The younger boys LOVED the character shirts that were available on the table. Minecraft, Star Wars, etc- it was SUCH A HIT! The boys were having a hard time deciding between them!

From Christina WolfeHSI child advocate: The gift cards to Kohl’s were VERY well received—that store was an excellent choice. Parents noted that they can find everything they need there, and that the amount given to them can go very far. I had two teenagers come up to me last night to express gratitude for receiving a gift card for them to pick clothes out on their own. They are excited to have a shopping experience for themselves, with their own selections.

We are so grateful to all of you at NCJW, West Morris for your help in preparing our children for a successful school year. The kids continue to come home and remark about how the shirt they’re wearing that day came from your Back 2 School Store!