Beth Fields, a member of our Section, presented a special latke-making program using “real food” on Sunday morning, Nov. 29, at 11 a.m. at a private home in Dover. Called “Seasonal Latkes,” the program was free and open to all members and prospective members. Among the ingredients Fields used—depending on what was available at her local farmer’s market—were carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, beets, and even apples. Participants had a chance to sample the seasonal latkes, which are traditional for Hanukkah.

Fields loves to cook. And she loves to eat. But she loves to cook and eat real food, as distinguished from so-called “edible food-like” substances. So she seeks out the produce and products of local purveyors at local farmer’s markets and local farms. Because she is concerned about the sustainability and health of our bodies and our planet, seasonal, local produce is always her first choice.

The presenter, who holds degrees in chemistry and law, spent many years working as an intellectual property attorney in areas as diverse as agricultural chemicals, food technology, pharmaceuticals, and genetically modified organisms. Her background has convinced her that many common chemicals are best avoided. She has also spent the past year as a Greenfaith Fellow, learning how to bring this message to her faith community. “We each only have one body and one planet. Let’s work to keep them as healthy as possible,” she says.