pettherapyThe NCJW, West Morris Section Personal Giving Thank-You Brunch is going to the dogs! Morristown Medical Center’s Soothing Paws™ Pet Therapy representatives Peggy Grow, together with her dog Lilly, and Elizabeth Siccone, with her dog Cid, gave an informative presentation about this wonderful program on Sunday morning, June 14, at 10 a.m., at a private home in Denville. The NCJW, West Morris Personal Giving campaign is coordinated by Dorothy Cohen of Denville and Anne Gorman of Rockaway.

Since the beginning of time, humans and animals have shared a powerful connection. As part of the healing culture at Morristown Medical Center, the hospital has a thriving pet therapy program for patients, visitors and staff. The pet therapy program, called Soothing Paws, provides visits to most areas in the hospital, including the ICU, surgical waiting rooms, pediatrics wards, and the medical and surgical floors. Pet therapy enhances the hospital’s healing culture. A total of 18,000 individuals enjoyed visits from animals and their handlers at Morristown Medical Center in 2014.